10 Things To Know Before Calling Dr. Laura
March 13, 2018
10 Things To Know Before Calling Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura:

I love your show and thought this list of "Ten Commandments" for the Dr. Laura program I came up with would be helpful to your listeners.  I also got a good laugh out of writing them, so here goes:

  1. Don't ask if she can hear you.  If she can't, she'll let you know.

  2. "Stop" really does mean "stop!"  Don't talk over her (and you KNOW you hear her talking).  She might actually help you if you listen.  After all, isn't that why you called?

  3. Although you may be giggling out of nervousness, please don't laugh about your own life.  If you don't take it seriously, why should Dr. Laura?

  4. If you've already done something related to your problem or question, say you did it up front.  Don't wait until Dr. Laura gives you advice to say you already did it.  It's a waste of time, probably not true, and it's just plain annoying!

  5. The program is called the "Dr. Laura" program.  She earned the title.  Please don't call her "Laura."

  6. Women:  don't complain that your husband doesn't love you all day if you allow your kids not to be loved all day in daycare.

  7. Values are values and right is right regardless of the "what ifs," "buts," and " I justs...."

  8. If your answers to Dr. Laura's questions are "I don't know," then check your channel listing.  This is not the Psychic Radio Network.

  9. WebMD does not give you credentials to diagnose someone, and not everyone is a narcissist.

  10. Don't lie to Dr. Laura.  She can spot BS from a mile away.  It's not helpful and it's insulting, and she just may say "Have a nice day" and end your call!




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