You Make A Difference
March 19, 2019
You Make A Difference

Dr. Laura,

I have called you a few times in the past, including last summer when my children were fighting and you wisely suggested a money jar. Each time the kids fought, regardless of who was to blame, they owed money in the jar. Glad to report they get along significantly better and are maturing beautifully.

The purpose of my call was not to get on the air, but rather to tell you that there are many people like I who you may not necessarily hear from, but who you are doubtlessly benefiting. I know it's been a taxing year for you and at times on air I can hear the struggle.

Just please keep this in the back of your head - YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You provide old fashioned values that our society NEEDS and LACKS. 



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Posted by Staff at 10:55 AM