Dating Advice From An Eight Year Old
April 29, 2019
Dating Advice From An Eight Year Old

I was really impressed by my eight-year-old son last fall.  The TV show "The Bachelorette" was on, and it was the final episode where the contestant picks "The One."  For the whole three minutes we had it on, our four-year-old was intrigued by all the roses and pretty dresses she saw.  Our eight-year-old son turned to her and told her how the show was dumb because you were supposed to pick someone to marry on that show, and you couldn't possibly get to know someone to marry on a show like that!

He went on to say to his sister that you had to get to know someone longer than that before you should ever think about marriage.  In a sweet little voice, he then told her to be sure to date a nice man for a very long time before she got married!  I was so darned proud of him for having such common sense, but for also having the brains and the love to tell his little sister those words of wisdom.  Frankly, I'm amazed at the dingbats who think they've found "love" on that show, but I'm more surprised at those people who faithfully watch these ridiculous programs every week.
He must have picked up some of his good sense from you, because our entire family loves listening to you.  Thank you for your always good advice, and know that all ages can learn something from you every day!


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