Floyd Rule Number One
July 19, 2012
Floyd Rule Number One

There is so very, very much to admire about my husband – he is a real MAN, a wonderful provider, a very hard worker, witty, the most intelligent person I have ever met, and he surely would swim through shark-infested waters to bring me a lemonade.  He is patient (living with me requires a lot of patience), he is kind to people and animals, and he is also incredibly handsome.

What I admire most about him, however, is the lesson he taught me years ago.  We call it “Floyd Rule Number One.”  It is this:

 You can always get more money.
 You can never get more time.

Because we live by this rule, we are pretty doggone happy people.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  That’s because it is.

Don’t go around envying what others have and don’t constantly strive for more “toys.”  Instead, spend that energy enjoying friends, family, and all the little (and big) things God has given you.

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for the opportunity to tell you about my husband.  He is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Mary Ann

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