My Friend Is Shacking Up With Her Boyfriend
November 14, 2013
My Friend Is Shacking Up With Her Boyfriend


I just wanted to thank you for teaching and upholding value systems that have been long forgotten in modern American society. I have been listening to you since college 1997. If I had been listening since a young child, I wouldn't have made many of the mistakes I did as a young adult.

I mostly listen to you while in the car, transporting my 4 kids around town, so fortunately, they get to hear your advice. I guess they truly listen and learn from you, because my 4-year-old son set a girlfriend of mine straight with a little tough love the other day! She came over for dinner with her new boyfriend who is shacking up with her. While we were all sitting at the dinner table, my 4-year-old asked her, "You guys live in the same house?"  She replied, "Yes."  In a snarky tone, he then said, "Well, I don't see a ring on that finger." Most moms would have been mortified, but I was proud.

My husband and I thank you. I hope you have started training whoever will take over your role when you retire, although we hope you never do because you are truly irreplaceable.


Mama Bear Maygan

Posted by Staff at 9:50 AM