His Work Ethic Made Me Take Notice
August 16, 2012
His Work Ethic Made Me Take Notice

Dear Dr. Laura,

I was 18 years old when an architectural firm hired me as a secretary. After my first day at work, my family asked if there were any handsome, young architects there. I told them there was a 21-year-old. but he wasn't my type.

Boy was I wrong!

I noticed over the next couple of weeks this young guy was very professional and mature and he really knew his stuff. The boss trusted him with a lot of responsibility managing hospital projects and he was really, really good.  He was always on time and worked late when necessary.  He also handled himself well with clients.

WOW my heart said. 

So when he asked me to go to Disneyland three weeks after we met, I was there! And when I married him 2 years later, I (and my dad) had full confidence this man would be a faithful provider, and he has been for 23 years! I have not wanted for anything a day in my life! He is so much more than a provider, but that was the first thing I fell in love with - as a woman with a natural instinct to want to be taken care of.


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