My In-Laws: One Reason I'm Happily Married Today
November 5, 2012
My In-Laws: One Reason I'm Happily Married Today

In short, I realized that life could be better if I married in to my in-law family. I love my mother, but we do not see eye-to-eye on many things: friends, life choices, marriage, politics, or humor. I grew up with my mom essentially disliking every friend and boyfriend I introduced her to. She told me to marry my best friend and I did just that (exactly 14-years-ago today). What I didn't realize was that she wanted it to be to someone she liked. I see a lot of her parents' personalities in her; they were mean and unloving. That is all my mom knew growing up. So, though I forgive the things she has said or done in the past, I will never forget them. My mom has not made it easy to keep her in my life, but her struggles with my choices are now kept to herself (I had to give her an ultimatum) and they have not impacted her grandchildren. She does love my children absolutely and for that I love her in return.

That being said, my in-laws have been the most warm, forgiving and loving creatures. My mother-in-law has treated me like a true daughter and embraced me into her family. She taught me to cook and bake, to love, laugh, to be a good wife and mother, and enjoy life. My mother-in-law just turned 70-years-old this year (my father-in-law is 78) and they still walk 1-3 miles almost every day and have been married for 50 years. They travel to Africa in the spring and Europe in the fall every year. We love to go shopping on the weekend with my kids. We have many things in common and most of all they love my children (their grandchildren) to the fullest and spoil them unconditionally. They are one of the many wonderful reasons I am still happily married today.

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