May 13, 2010
T-Mobile is Off My Radar
IconPerhaps you've seen the TV ad?  It begins with a family scene, where the father has gotten one of that company's cell phones, which permits the selection of certain people as "favorites."  Everyone is making suggestions as to who should be among his "favorites," and the eight-year-old son, in front of Mommy, suggests that Dad put in the number of the woman he stares at during the son's ball games!  There is absolutely no reaction from anyone.The teenage daughter then suggests her boyfriend (who has a mustache), and the Dad says that the "fine print" indicates that no kid with a mustache is permitted, and then he proceeds to call his daughter "dude."Using behaviors destructive to families is not my idea of good sales practices.  T-Mobile is off my radar.  I can't imagine a group of executives sitting around in a brainstorming session thinking this would make for a great sales incentive.  I can't imagine TV executives agreeing to play these ads.  I can't imagine anyone at home watching and thinking "this is cute," and feeling driven to buy T-Mobile's products or services.  I can't imagine ever buying one of their products.

Posted by Staff at 1:02 AM