Bad Childhood, Good Life
June 11, 2014
Bad Childhood, Good Life


Hello Dr. Laura.

I am 63 years young now and have raised 2 children who I am very proud of. I have listened to you for at least 15 years. I finally bought a new car this year that came with a SiriusXM radio and "wala", there you were again.

I am writing you about a book you wrote that helped me finally heal and stop beating myself up about a BAD CHILDHOOD and WHY ME? LOL... I can laugh about it now thanks to one particular book. I have read several of your books but "Bad Childhood Good Life" was an emotional life saver for me when I read it. I refer back to it often.

When I was 15, my stepfather decided to "show" himself to me while I was home alone doing chores on a Saturday. He was a night worker and was supposed to be sleeping. He sat down beside me and put his hand on my leg and I saw everything I shouldn't as his robe was totally open. I jumped up and ran outside and stayed the rest of the day until my mother arrived home about 3 hours later. I told her what happened and she dismissed it as if I were making it up. She said "He would never do anything to you", and I told her that it was wrong and he should not be showing himself to me.

The next morning she confronted him in front of me and asked him why he wasn't covered up.  He just said he didn't know anything was showing. To make this clear, this was a man of indescribable perfectionism. He acted like he didn't do anything wrong. In front of my mother, I told him he knew he was showing and then had the nerve to touch me with everything showing. I couldn't believe my mother was putting me in this very scary situation. I made sure I was never home alone with him ever again.

My mother was bi-polar and extremely violent at times. It was a scary house to grow up in. I always felt guilty about the lack of love I had for my mother. I was scared of her. I never knew when she would slap me across the room just because she didn't like the way I looked at her.

Your book Bad Childhood, Good Life was my final healing. Thank you for writing it. It validated all I had felt being raised by this woman. I think you are a tough lady, Dr. Laura and I hope to be listening to you for a long time.

Thank you again,





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