How Dads Shape Their Daughters' Relationships
November 2, 2016
How Dads Shape Their Daughters' Relationships

From birth, fathers play a very important role in the psychological development of their daughters. Dads show their daughters how women deserve to be treated. If a father is abusive or neglectful towards his wife or daughter, his daughter is more likely to develop self-image issues, struggle academically and socially, or end up in bad relationships trying to make a creep change or like her.

In the good old days, a girl couldn’t date a boy until he came to her house, sat down with her dad, and was given the rules. It showed girls a tremendous amount of protective respect and modeled what she should expect as well.

The mother-daughter bond is wonderful, but so is the one between a father and his little girl. So dads, show your daughters respect, love, and care, and teach them not to tolerate anything less.

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Posted by Staff at 1:33 PM