Thanks For The Reminder
January 4, 2017
Thanks For The Reminder

I signed back up this morning for your podcasts and I have to say with in the first 5 minutes of your show I was already filled with love.

I am listening to a show from the other day and sent the following message to five of my dear friends. (Each of these friends I have known and loved for a minimum of 5 years up to 20 years.)

"I recently heard a study that shows that the number of good friends a person has, that they share important life issues, with has dropped in the past twenty years. These relationships are very important, more important than working out and so forth.

I just wanted to say that I may suck at working out on a regular basis but I am so happy that I have good friends are you are at the top of the list. Just wanted to say thank you for being my dear friend for so many years and I love you very much."

I feel very blessed to have all 5 of these amazing women in my life and my man at my side.

Thanks for the reminder.


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Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM