His Sacrifice For Our Family
December 14, 2018
His Sacrifice For Our Family

I know you appreciate real men in the world today, so I thought I would share a little about my husband.  Last year, he lost his job, and after five months, took a job with a significant pay cut.  Because of this, we have recently been struggling to pay off some bills and older debt, and my husband decided to take a temporary second job.

He already drives 45 minutes each way for the first job, so I told him I was the one who should get an evening job, not him.  He replied "Our four kids need their mama, and it's my job to provide for our family.  I can do anything if it's just temporary."  So my husband went out and got an evening job for which he is way overqualified, to bring in some extra cash.

In the meantime, I sit and rock our five-month-old baby, and I am ever so grateful that I married a real man who is out there slaying dragons so I can experience each little smile from our child.

Thank you for all your guidance and wisdom that keeps me going each day.



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