Men Are Not Children
May 14, 2020
Men Are Not Children

My wife is wonderful in most respects, and I thank God for her. One habit of hers which turns me off, however, is her reflexive disagreement with things I say. She begins her responses with "No," before I have finished my sentences or even when she agrees with me.

I don't mind if she disagrees with me as long as she has a good reason. I suggested that she give me a reason why her suggestion is better or ask me questions to see if she understands what I am talking about.

Ladies, when it comes time to bed down for the night, men find it terribly unsexy to lie next to a natterer of negativism. Automatic naysaying doesn't encourage us to share our thoughts and feelings, either. You need not fawn over us or pretend everything we say is brilliant. Just let us finish our sentences and don't begin every response with "no." Listen to us and speak to us as your husbands, not as naughty or ignorant children who need continual correction.



Posted by Staff at 2:01 AM