May 13, 2010
Loving Wives Are Not Doormats
IconThe feministas came out of their skins when I published my best seller, "The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands." Their main point of rage was their notion that taking care of one's man emotionally and physically was demeaning.One reader, Vicky, wrote this week: "Last December, we invited potential friends to our Christmas party. During the evening, I gave my husband a fresh drink when I saw that his was getting low. At one point, the man we invited noticed and commented that he'd go thirsty if he waited for his wife to bring him a drink. The wife, in turn, bluntly let me know that's because she wasn't a doormat. I responded that I never thought I was a doormat just because I enjoyed taking care of my man, and the conversation moved on. But, I have to admit, that comment ate at me for a long time. Was I being nave? Was my husband taking advantage of me? Over the months since, every time I hear my husband tell a friend that I take better care of him than he deserves, I let that comment "go" a little bit more. I've now let it go completely. You see, we ran into that couple this past weekend. We'd heard rumors that they were divorcing (because the husband had had an affair). The wife confirmed the rumors, but stated that they were trying to work it out. I'm doubtful they will work anything out. She's the ultimate "feminazi," and he will have to do all the changing and groveling for it to "work out." Bottom line: She's on her way to divorce, and I'm celebrating my 7 year wedding anniversary today with a man who worships me and I absolutely adore after all these years. Doormat? I think not!

Posted by Staff at 1:00 AM