May 13, 2010
Arizona's Patriotic Stand
IconIt is a well known fact that illegal aliens have voted in national elections.  Arizona is the only state that requires proof of citizenship - either a birth certificate or passport is sufficient proof.  This year, some 5,000 names have disappeared from the voting registry.Unbelievably, some Hispanic activists and organizations are complaining!  I don't get it.  This is a sovereign country, and one of the perks of citizenship is the right to vote for our government officials.  Persons without such legal status ought not to be able to influence an election.  These activists and organizations should be going door-to-door to make sure that their "constituency" is driven to the proper government buildings to get such proof - where it actually exists.  These same activists and organizations should report people who are breaking the law to the INS.It is a breach of trust for any political party or its members to support illegal voters and then complain about "illegal" voting.  I am not aware of any urgency within the Democratic Party in Congress to make sure that the 50% of votes from the deployed military are no longer disenfranchised.

Posted by Staff at 1:00 AM