Quit Drinking
June 3, 2013
Quit Drinking

I don't drink daily or to excess every time, but I always want or do have more than one or two. And, it affects my judgment, of course. I have two teenage children and they see what I do. It's hypocritical of me not to practice what I preach. My husband and I are very social and this will change those experiences for us both. I'm 47 and have been drinking for 27 years - more the past two years than ever - several evenings during the week and almost every evening on the weekends. My husband and I both recently ordered extremely large margaritas at a Mexican restaurant with our 17-year-old son observing and doing this right after church. 

This isn't who I want to be, so I quit today. I told my kids and husband this morning at the breakfast table after a night when I was MIA for an hour from a social event with my husband. I was furious with him and decided to walk home - 3 miles - in the dark in heels. My kids and my husband don't deserve this. I told my kids that as I have grown less responsible for them, I have grown more irresponsible in my drinking. Your alcohol intake can creep up on you. I even mentioned it to my doctor at my annual check up and she was understanding - too much so, actually. You have to monitor yourself and live by the rules you set for your kids and by the expectations you have of others. 

There are no alcoholics in my genetics. This is a choice of behavior on my part. 


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