Dr. Laura on My Shoulder
September 18, 2015
Dr. Laura on My Shoulder

I am about to run my second marathon after giving birth to my third sweet baby 8 months ago. The reason I'm telling you is because on all of my training runs I have listened to you.

Even today, when I ran my longest run (the big 20 miler), I listened to you for close to three hours. I plan to listen to you during the actual marathon. It's inspiring to hear some of the caller's stories. I can relate to some at times, others I just laugh out loud at your response or how silly some people can be. Thank you for your straight forward wisdom. I feel like I am not only training my body to endure this upcoming marathon but training my mind with wisdom and sound advice.

Keep inspiring us all do to what's right!! And thank you for accompanying me on hours and hours of running. 

Warm wishes, 


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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM