Small Children and a Second Marriage
March 8, 2017
Small Children and a Second Marriage

Hi Doctor Laura,

My older brother and I were taken by our father at a young age and raised overseas for approximately 20 years. Our father constantly had live-in girlfriends until he finally married a woman and had twin boys.

I never felt loved or cared about during those years. My brother and I constantly felt neglected. I personally remember crying and telling my brother that dad didn't care about us as much as he cared about his girlfriends or their kids. I felt as if our dad always tried to impress the other children. We didn't count or even exist.

I am living proof that kids are really damaged when families get remarried and have more children or bring other children into the family. I never respected any of the women. I didn't respect my father.

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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM