My Husband, My Hero!
November 7, 2013
My Husband, My Hero!

Dr. Laura,

I am a proud Navy wife and have been my husband's girlfriend for just a few short years now, but every day I am reminded of my wise decision to say "yes" on the day he got down on one knee. As most military couples do, we recently moved for his new assignment. Although I was thrilled that, by chance, we were going to be closer to my family, I was sad to leave behind the life we made while he was fulfilling his previous assignment. I had a great job, sweet friends, and we lived only 15 minutes away from the beach!

Rather than demanding that I look for a new job and trudge off to work in this new city as soon as we arrived like many husbands perhaps would do, he was thrilled that I wanted to take some time off to be with him and consider the possibility of beginning a family. Prior to now, he had been away on three deployments and we were both looking forward to a more "normal" life together. Well, less than a month after he returned from his final deployment and we moved to our new city, I got pregnant! I am now expecting our first child and we are both thrilled!

He is a truly a wonderful man who takes pride in being a provider so that I can stay home to raise our baby and hopefully more in the future. A true hero both away at sea and in the home! Although some of my former co-workers and friends don't quite understand why on earth I'd want to stay home, they think I will be bored out of my mind - HA!, I could truly care less. I know that I am doing what is best for my family and I am SO THANKFUL that I chose wisely and married a REAL man who sees the beauty and value in a wife who cares for him and his children rather than farming them out to strangers.

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for fighting the good fight for healthy and happy families!


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