Everyone Benefits When Mom Is There
February 4, 2019
Everyone Benefits When Mom Is There

During college, I earned my degree and became a pharmacist.  When my daughter was born, I cut back to working three days a week.  I had a hard time justifying leaving a career that I had only started a few years earlier, even though I knew in my heart I wanted to be with her.  By the time my daughter was five, my husband and I decided that I should quit.  My daughter was starting kindergarten and I wanted to be able to drop her off and pick her up every day.  

Quitting my job was the best decision I have made, aside from getting married and having my daughter.  I found your program right after I quit, and you've become a part of my daily routine as I head to school to pick her up.  Within a few weeks, all your advice started sinking in.  I only wish I had quit sooner.  I was raised by two working parents, and it never crossed my mind to be a stay-at-home mom.  

My daughter (who is now nine) is thriving, and my whole family has benefited from my being home.  My husband tells me all the time what a great decision it was.  He comes home to a clean house, a home-cooked meal, and gets to relax because the household duties are done.  I've started taking tennis lessons, am really enjoying them, and I've made new friends.  We recently asked my daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She wants to be a stay-at-home mom, so she can take care of her kids and dogs, and not have to take the kids to daycare or after school care.  I was very proud to hear this!  Thank you!


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