Puppies for Dummies
May 6, 2014
Puppies for Dummies

Written By:  Sarah Hodgson
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

From the Press Release

Book Description:
Bringing home a puppy? This fun, friendly guide to puppyhood prepares you for this tough but terrific time. From the basics -- housebreaking, feeding, training -- to the latest on traveling with a puppy and the new designer breeds, you get everything you need to help your puppy grow up to be a healthy, playful, well-mannered dog.


Discover how to:

  • Choose the perfect puppy for you
  • Socialize your puppy
  • Stimulate your puppy's growing mind
  • Use the latest training tools
  • Keep peace between kids and puppies

About the Author:
Sarah Hodgson has been New York's and Connecticut's favorite dog trainer for over 25 years and is a prolific author, columnist, media personality, and inventor. Her trademark upbeat, proven, and positive training techniques teach owners how to help their puppies become well-behaved familycompanions. Visit Sarah at WhenDogsTalk.com.

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