Ten Qualities of a Real Man
November 29, 2012
Ten Qualities of a Real Man

A real man:

1. He has a good sense of right and wrong.
2. He supports his family financially.
3. He cares about his society and raising honest and decent children.
4. He is the best provider given the economy and does his best, makes sacrifices when needed.
5. He puts his family above his selfish desires.
6. He cares about his parents and siblings, keeping relationships open and thoughtful.
7. He saves for the future the best he can and plans for emergencies.
8. He is the best role model he can be - whether it is driving habits, drinking habits, etc. He sets the standards.
9. He attends to business and acts like an adult making difficult choices, if necessary, for the ultimate good of the family unit.
10. He lives the life he wishes his children to follow.


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