May 13, 2010
Ivy League "Porn" Classes
IconOnce Mom and Dad have covered the $45,000 for room, board and tuition at Yale University, the students get to compete free to win a porn-star "look-alike" contest as part of the school's "Sex Week," which also includes learning and using various sex toy gadgets and tips on making your dorm room a college love pad.The rationale, as we've often heard before, is that they're probably gonna "do it" anyway, and this way, they'll have information on how to do it properly.  You mean there's a "proper" way to hook up?  Oh, yeah, use a condom for your genitals.  But what do you do for your soul and psyche  after mis using your sexuality so frivolously?Let's hear it for the reputation of "Yalies" who come to school to become leaders. There are those at Yale who are not so amused: "Call me a curmudgeon, but I find that my daily ritual of waking up with a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a copy of the Yale Daily News is a little less pleasant when a smiling freshman holding a" [sexual aid too graphic to mention] "is staring back at me from the front page..." -- Blogger Will Wilson wrote on the Yale Free Press blog. (, 2/15/08 ).Seems that Yale is just trying to keep up with the other "party" schools.

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