The Difference Between Daycare and Staying at Home
July 30, 2019
The Difference Between Daycare and Staying at Home

I am a nanny.  No matter how much my employer thinks I love her kids, I don't.  I care for them, and I am very nice to them, but if I don't get paid, I'm gone.  The last mom I worked for left the house in the morning and came home in time to kiss the kids goodnight.  I worked many weekends, so she and her husband could have alone time together.  That was good for my paycheck, but not so good for the kids.

How sad to see so many of our children being brought up this way.  I stayed home with my kids and I can definitely see the difference between my children, who are all in successful happy marriages and raising their own kids, and my charges who cry every time their mother leaves, who act wildly when she IS home, and who are clingy, unhappy children.  


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