You Will Always Have A Piece Of My Heart
April 12, 2019
You Will Always Have A Piece Of My Heart

Dear Dr. Laura

Although my mother passed away seven years ago, I want to thank you for being there for her.  We were a family of seven - Mom, Dad, 4 girls and a boy.  My brother passed away suddenly when he was 19.  The girls at that time ranged from ages 11 to 15, and it was traumatic and turned our lives upside down. Our mother and father, however, had that undying love and a beautiful marriage and they were there for each other and us four girls.  When I was twelve a year later, my father became ill and passed away too.  I was so scared that the ones you love could leave this earth so abruptly.  My mother was our rock, and though she was incredibly distraught, she knew she had to keep it together for us.  And that she did!  

I came home from school and your voice was on the radio day after day.  Thank you for guiding her and giving her the courage to continue to raise her four young daughters while feeling like her world was crumbling.  She was loving, caring, nurturing and fun, yet set expectations for us (and we knew what they were).  

She never married again, and always told us our Dad was the love of her life.  When we were adults, she told us she also feared bringing another man into a house with four young girls.  She thought of us first, and I know you influenced her in that area!  

Thank you, Dr. Laura,  for being her confidante, even though you didn't know it. You will always have a piece of my heart.

Big hug and kiss, 



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