No More Unpaid Whore
June 27, 2013
No More Unpaid Whore



Dear Dr. Laura,

I'm writing to thank you for your infinite wisdom and advice.

One Christmas, my dad bought me your book, 10 Stupid Things Women do to Mess Up Their Lives. I appreciated the gesture, however over time, the book collected dust on the shelf. I wish I would have read it right then and there.

The first couple years of college, I slept with a handful of men with whom I wasn't in a relationship. The summer after my sophomore year, I finally grew tired of being an unpaid whore. I remembered your book, picked it up, and read it in a couple days.

I met my now husband through a mutual friend who set us up. We started dating and finally married. We didn't end up living together for a few months after marriage, as we had always lived a state apart and I was searching for jobs down by him.

We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary and couldn't be happier. I've been listening to your program for the past 2 years after I got SiriusXM in my car, and have since re-read your book. Every day on my walk to work, I listen to your podcasts and have often nodded my head in agreement to what you say and will sometimes add in my own two cents aloud, forgetting about the hundreds of Chicago commuters amongst me.

You have instilled in me and my husband irreplaceable morals that we live out day by day. We are planning on having kids in the near future and I cannot wait to instill in them these same values. You will hopefully have a new listener within the next couple years. I can't thank you enough for your wisdom and also for making me look like a lunatic to my fellow commuters.

Yours truly,


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