March 4, 2011
The Ultimate Spouse Contest!
IconMy husband and I decided to have a little contest between ourselves for just one day.

The rules were:

1) Call each other VERY often throughout the day while at work.

2) Talk and ask questions just as you would any other day.

3) And oh yeah, say EVERYTHING in the most sultry, sexy, seductive voice you can muster.

So, for example, when one spouse asks, "Honey, what's for dinner?" (<- insert provocative/come-hither tone), the other spouse has to answer "Lamb chops" with their best alluring voice ever!

The most important rule, of course, is rule number 3, so whoever fails to comply with rule number 3 first has to do something special for their spouse. That can be determined by the spouse who won the contest.

I recommend every spouse to take on the challenge! Stay focused during your conversations with your spouse, but when you hang up the phone or walk out of the room, go ahead and start laughing like an idiot because it will build up and you have to let it out.

Oh yes, and you're probably wondering who won? Well, I guess my husband won, but that's certainly still up for debate. I LET him decide what special thing I had to do for him and, um, let's just say that in the end, we both won. Tremendously.

Ready, set, have fun!


Posted by Staff at 12:19 AM