February 28, 2011
Lucky or Blessed?
IconI enjoyed your audio post  about whether or not great kids were the result of luck or good parenting. We have our own version of the "luckies" around here. What people constantly tell my husband (he works with about 60 women) is, "Your wife is SO LUCKY to be able to stay home." Lucky? Uh, no. I drive a $2500, 12 year old van missing one hubcap. I coupon shop groceries. We live in a small, three-bedroom house. We shop sales for clothes. My children only get about three pairs of shoes a year. We don't go out to eat. We don't go to the movies. Our vacations are frugal. Our couch is on its last legs. Money for soccer sign-ups is what our children ask for from the grandparents for their birthdays. I am not lucky. It is a choice to stay home and raise my own children. I'd LOVE a better car. Truth is, I just love my kids more than I'd love that car. I am home, and I am content. In reality, I'm not lucky, but I AM blessed: Blessed with a husband who is a real man, who values mothering more than electronics or trips to Hawaii; Blessed with a husband who is content with his car, his HOME (which is not just a house, because I'm here), his life. Don't confuse lucky and blessed. I'm blessed. And I know it; each and every day. -R

Posted by Staff at 10:22 PM