Music Makes The Difference
July 3, 2019
Music Makes The Difference

I want to thank you for one of the suggestions I heard you give on your program.  You said if you're depressed, load up your iPod with happy songs and it will lift your spirits.  I've been married for forty years, and we moved away from our lifetime hometown twelve years ago for my husband's new job. Since then, I have missed family and friends terribly.  I've also had serious health issues for several years, and my mother recently passed away.  I'm usually a positive, upbeat person, but all this finally got me down.  I took a long look at my life and realized I had been through tough times and determined that I would get back on track.

That's when the idea of putting some of my favorite songs on an iPod sounded just like what I needed.  While all is not cured, I have so much to be thankful for, and listening to upbeat music has helped a great deal.  While I've never called in with a dilemma, I've listened to you for years, and hearing your comments to others has obviously helped me too.  Thank you for helping me find joy in all that positive music.


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Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM