November 24, 2010
Cut to the Chase
IconDear Dr, Laura, It used to upset me when you wouldn't allow the person calling you explain all details, reasons, etc. about the issue you were addressing, trying to make them understand that all the other "circumstances were really not important. It finally gave me an "AHA" moment. I have had so many issues since my divorce after 40 yrs of marriage to a man who constantly ran me down, in private and in public, physically abused me, which he had me convinced "It was my fault." He didn't recall doing this, etc. I finally really understood there are no excuses, just the facts, it was my choice.  I had ran out of excuses for his behaviors. I know through listening to you daily there is no excuse.  I did everything I could to protect myself, except "the right thing". I'm taking the hard road to hopefully be an example, as you have drilled into me. I 'm willing to not accept that it was my fault in any way, but I'm not going to sweep this under the carpet any more. There were consequences of not telling anyone, protecting him, because somewhere in my soul was screaming at me to do "The right thing". The price I've paid for this was, severe anxiety, afraid to do things that were important to me.  I totally lost something that is so precious to me - peace.  Thank you so much for hammering this into me until I truly understood your message. M.

Posted by Staff at 4:36 PM