May 13, 2010
My Guest Appearance On "Larry King Live" Last Night
IconAs always, I LOVE being on the Larry King Show.  The original intent of my appearance last night was to promote the release of my New York Times bestseller, "The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage," in paperback,  but the fun thing about being with Larry is that he expands the experience by asking anything from politics to sex to celebrity nonsense to one's personal life, and so forth.  Last night was no exception.The Larry King producers have added a new dimension to the program - one I enjoyed tremendously: the "man" on the street short video questions.  My favorite was a young man asking about his girlfriend's determination to have him take money from her father.  He wanted to know if his inclination to not do so was out of line.  I instantly heralded him as a "real man," and suggested he dump this "daddy's girl" for a real woman. Just prior to my appearance on the show, Arianna Huffington (great hair, by the way) was included in a panel of political pundits.  After she left, I noticed she had forgotten her Blackberry and compact.  I called to her and she was most grateful and gracious, acknowledging that she "owed me one."  I sincerely hope she remembers that the next time she mentions me in her blog.All-in-all a great experience, and you can read the transcript from the program by clicking here .     Oh you like my new hair-do?  Takes me - brace yourselves - only 10 minutes from shower to coif!

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