Our Drug Seeking Nation
October 6, 2011
Our Drug Seeking Nation

From alcohol, to prescription, to recreational, it seems our favorite past time as a nation has became drug use. Now our children are becoming victims of our ignorance and lazy life styles.

EXAMPLE: A young boy is running through the house and a mother exclaims, "Sit down!!, What's wrong with you!? You need to just sit down and stay still for five minutes." Five minutes pass and he's up and running again.... Fast forward to a doctor's appointment. The solution for this situation is Ritalin daily upon waking up. The child becomes docile and Mom finally peace in the home again.... Sadly this isn't a fairy tale and no Prince Charming is going to rescue the lad.

To list the drugs used for our recreation or stress release would be a waste of typing because sadly enough most drugs used by adults are now every day language. Being a personal trainer and author of the blended family book, Step Generation, I see one main drug that isn't incorporated often enough but is regularly sought with drugs and that is simply endorphins which are attainable by getting off your butt and moving. Children are easily managed if made priority one and taken to the park or enrolled in an energy releasing past time. Most of our depression and other ailments would be cut in half if people would simply get off their ever expanding butts and start moving moving... oh moving!!!!


Posted by Staff at 3:04 PM