October 25, 2010
Benefits Not Discussed Much
IconDr Laura, the kids from SAHM homes, benefit in ways not discussed very much. Living on one income means sacrifices for everyone. We lived in a modest home and only had one car. As for allowances, my kids had more than I had. I had no allowance being the last of eight kids. But I gave my three kids spending money so they would have some independent money of their own. When they became teenagers, they had to work if they wanted more than my allowance provided. Sometimes they would save up but that took forever since the allowance was small. My oldest son, and middle child, was the acquisitive one of the family. He wanted what his friends had. But we did not buy cars for our kids. My son worked hard for his first car while in high school and he had to pay for his own insurance. All three of my kids today, aged 45, 43, and 39, are self sufficient and understand the value of money. They quickly found other jobs when laid off. They were also blessed that their mother and I stayed together in love, about to celebrate 47 years of marriage. It runs in my family. Stanley

Posted by Staff at 10:53 PM