October 20, 2010
Here's to a Brainless Mom
IconI'm a first time mom. Before becoming a mom I went to school for 8 years and have a master's degree. I worked for 8 years in my profession before having my baby. My husband and I have been very smart with our money and the only debt we have is our mortgage. We decided when our daughter was born I would stay at home with her.  I can't say  I don't miss work, because I do at times, but I would never trade the days I have with my daughter for a job. My sister-in-law has two daughters 3 and under. She shuttles them off to a home day care every day. She told my husband she didn't want to be a stay at home mom because she wants to use her brain every day. So here's to being a brainless mom that is lucky enough to have her baby wake up to her mommy every morning, after each nap, and before she goes to bed. Here's to a brainless mom that enjoys watching her baby smear herself with a new food each day. Here's to a brainless mom who reads several books to her baby each day (which studies show improves vocabulary, reading, and listening comprehension). Here's to a brainless mom that gets to see every "first" my daughter will experience. I love every one of these moments. Hey...being brainless ain't so bad after all! Kim

Posted by Staff at 10:37 PM