October 18, 2010
Influencing Others
IconDearest Dr. Laura, Today when you came on the radio, my 2 year old yelled, "Mommy, it's Dr. Laura!" As I stared at him in disbelief (that he knew that from your voice), I also began to reflect on what you've done for me and my family and became so sad you are going off the air. (Aside: Dr. Laura is just going off broadcast radio, she'll continue to nag you in other ways.) You have become so much a part of my life, and we have never met! I just really, really hope you know how much good you have done for so many of us out there in radio land who may not get a chance to tell you. First and most important, you are the reason I am home with my kids. If I had never stumbled upon your program and read your books, I can almost guarantee I would be working full time with my kids in daycare believing that that is what's best for all of us! You are the reason that I teared up today when I told my food-covered 8 month old who takes forever to eat that I love him because I felt so lucky to be the one doing it! You are the reason my friends and family always call me for advice (it's not my advice they're seeking, it's yours!) Some even say, "What would Dr. Laura say if...." You are the reason that as I lay down for my 3 hours of sleep because my 8 month old hasn't slept in, well, 8 months, and my husband looks over at me with a seductive glance, I don't tell him no. (And yes, I end up enjoying it!) You are the reason I randomly text my husband at work and tell him how much I appreciate him or love him (usually because I'm listening to someone tell you how much they've been abusing their husband). You are the reason I don't bash my husband when I'm around a bunch of women who are. You are the reason I don't get upset when people tell me how sorry they feel for me because I'm home with my children and never get any time for "myself." I feel sorry for them that they are missing out on the best treat I'll ever be able to give myself. You are the reason I am my kid's mom and husband's girlfriend! I know I am a better person because of you, and every time I'm about to make a bad decision, I usually listen to you and change my actions. I really hope you continue to stay a part of my life in some way. You will be missed and needed so please find a way to continue to nag us! Sincerely and Appreciatively, A. One side note: Some local talk show hosts were talking this morning about whether or not you need sex in a marriage. I texted them a few of your key beliefs. Not only did they read them on the air, but from then on almost every caller and texter would begin what they said with," I'm a huge Dr. Laura fan too, and....." It was amazing!! You have touched so many lives for so long, I just really hope you know that!

Posted by Staff at 8:01 PM