September 16, 2010
Traditional Family Values
IconDr. Laura: I am proud to say I am a 27 year old who is a stay at home mom to a beautiful 8 month old son. A lifelong goal has been fulfilled and I am happier than ever. Just yesterday I was reading through your book "Stupid Things Parents Do to Mess Up Their Kids" (aka: "Parenthood by Proxy"). In the introduction, under the heading "Just plain 'Loco'", Lisa McNally wrote to you about two-income families. These "families" as they are labeled these days, are nothing like what the word was designed around. Too busy to stop and smell their greatest opportunity drift by, these parents strive to satisfy themselves while providing physically for their children. But what about all the other needs our children have today? I mourn my passing old-fashioned beliefs about hearth and home as I watch co-workers, friends, and family get caught up with the materialistic worldview in which we are surrounded. And now, as I listen to some of my friends, I realize that they don't even consider staying at home with their children as an option- the idea is foreign to them! Stupidly, we, as Americans, wonder where our once great nation went wrong. It was when we ripped the heart out of it...when God, morals, values, and family were considered a thing of the past and something to mock. Just Sunday my husband and I were stating we had been born in the wrong era. He mentioned we should have been born back when, "women were women and men respected them and lead them." Now I would beg to differ...We were meant to be here and now, calling America back to its roots by refusing to be caught up in her decay! I hear my son waking up from his nap. My most favorite and special part of every day is his waking moments. As I peek open his bedroom door and see his face light up in a giant smile I think about all that parents are missing as they fight for the bigger home, better car, and stress of going into debt for them. Thank you for who you are and what you stand for and thanks for working to encourage others to stand with you. Amie

Posted by Staff at 10:30 PM