August 17, 2010
What Do You Want to be After College?
IconDear Dr. Laura,   I would like to thank you for your encouragement towards moms to stay at home. Ever since 2nd grade I have been listening to you with my mom, and now I am heading off to college. My mom has always been at home for my 3 older siblings and me, her baby. Recently, my mom and I were eating lunch with my childhood friend, who I will be living with, and her mom, who is also a stay at home mom. While we were eating, her mom stopped and said, "A few days ago I added up all the money I would have made if I didn't stop working when I had kids, and the number was incredible. But you know what? I wouldn't change it for anything. I can't imagine working and missing my kids' lives." My mom pitched in, "Oh, I know! 18 years flies by so quickly. I can't imagine how much faster it would have gone if I was gone most of the time. And anyways, what would I have done with a second income? I would have just bought more stuff." I always knew kids meant a lot to their parents, but this conversation blew me away. I am so thankful for my mother's choice and my father's support and hard work. I can look back on my childhood with happy memories. Instead of daycare or preschool, I played with my mom, siblings, or neighbors. When I forgot my lunch for school at home, my mom brought it to me. When I was sick, she was able to care for me without any conflicts. My parents also never missed a sports game. Lately I've been asked what I want to be after college. I tell people, "I don't know. I would love to be a stay at home mom if I had kids, though." 90% of the time people laugh and say, "You will need the 2nd income" or "You should aim higher." In response, when I am too weak to argue, I just smile and say, "I'll make it work," knowing how much I loved having my mom at home. Thank you, Dr. Laura, for encouraging mothers to stay at home with their children to love and care for them. I know I will be forever grateful.

Posted by Staff at 11:22 PM