August 11, 2010
Happy To Be Back To Being A SAHM
IconI am a SAHM to my nine month old twin boys, however this week I volunteered at a church for camp. I don't know how working moms do it because by being gone for the 3-4 hours each day our lives have been more chaotic. Our house is messy, the boys are needy, and my husband has been neglected because I am tired in the evening. I am so grateful to my husband for his hard work to let me stay home and so I thought I would let you know that I am happy to be back to just being a mom tomorrow and I know my boys will be also. I have never really thought about the difference it makes for me to be at home with them but this week really showed how much happier they are when I am with them. They are more confident, they sleep and eat better, and they are happier in the evening when Dad comes home. Thank you for being an advocate for SAHM as the longer I am one, the more important I believe it is for moms to be around with the kids. It makes such a huge difference. S.

Posted by Staff at 7:50 PM