June 22, 2010
Looking Cute for your Husband
IconA recent caller was concerned about being depressed or disinterested in her life/marriage. She had three young children and was tired all the time. In lieu of going to a psychiatrist who would order a complete physical to rule out problems, you also suggested she first try changing her attitude. One way would be to "look cute" for her husband at the end of the day. The caller, to me, seemed a bit resistant to the idea. I hope she is listening, if you read my email on the air. My mother had nine children, six of which were within eleven years. Talk about total chaos and exhaustion! Somehow, some way, my mom managed to put her hair in rollers (way back then) and put makeup on before my dad came home from his exhausting day. Believe it or not, dinner was always on the table by 6:00 p.m. My mom had a good career before she married my dad. I can't help wondering if, on the craziest of days in our household, she ever felt like giving up. I will never know because my mom never let her frustration filter down to us. She wasn't the best housekeeper and my dad never complained. It was a win-win situation for all and, I believe, it stemmed from the attitude projected by my mom. I hope your caller tries to adjust and calls you back with an update. Louise

Posted by Staff at 9:30 PM