June 17, 2010
What A Good Marriage Can Do
IconDear Dr. Laura, I was driving my son in the car today going to ToysRus for birthday gifts and we were having a talk. My son (9 years old) started telling me that Daddy and I have a great relationship. I asked him what he meant. He stated that we never fight or get mad at each other and we enjoy each other's company. I then asked him if this is important and he said yes, because we will not get divorced. He has a few friends going through divorces. I then asked if divorce was good or bad. He said it is very sad and that it hurts kids... He then asked how I meet daddy, what was he like when we met, were we always friends, when I knew I loved him, etc. My wonderful husband always makes me feel special and puts me and the kids before him. I am his girlfriend and he is my boyfriend. We have two wonderful kids who do not understand why people can not get along for their kids. I wrote you around Christmas time to tell you how wonderful our daughter was - the Girl Scout with the homeless sock project. Having my husband and myself working to raise our kids together has proven again to be priceless. I feel that my son is learning by example to respect and love each other. This will pay off in his future. He tells us he can not wait to be a good father and husband, just like his Daddy... and of course marry someone just like mommy. I am proud to say I am a mom, wife and girlfriend.... Anne

Posted by Staff at 7:33 PM