June 8, 2010
Poem: The Dr. Laura Program
IconI have been listening a lot lately and some days the callers are even frustrating to me! So I came up with this little poem, I hope you think it's cute! Keep nagging! When calling the Dr. Laura show, here are some things that you should know. Don't say your kids are "cute" and "smart", or the call will be doomed from the start. Rather tell her they are hardworking and true, this will make the call smoother for you. Speak up, speak clear, don't whine or cry or Dr. Laura may just pass you by! Answer her questions, be brief, concise, and get to YOUR question, now that would be nice! Don't say "I just...", "I feel...", or "I can't!" You'll have Dr. Laura ready to rant. And phrases beginning with "even if" or "I'll try" will have the good Dr. fit to be tied! No shack-ups, weenies, or momma's boys. A true alpha male is what brings you joy. Choose wisely, treat kindly, be sweet and be fun. Take her directions and get the job done! Be happy, feel blessed, be morally strong, eat less, move more, and admit when you're wrong! Try hard to listen, and take the advice, and talking when she does is really not nice! Honor your parents, protect your peeps. Steer clear of druggies, losers, and creeps! Don't fight with you man, be his girlfriend instead. Be sweet and affectionate and keep him well fed. Take care of your kids- stay home if you can. Take pride in your home and your happy man. When life brings you stress dance and sing, and finally, go out and "DO THE RIGHT THING!" Thanks! Alice

Posted by Staff at 9:55 PM