May 20, 2010
5 de Mayo Commentary
IconDr. Laura, Thank you for speaking about these jerks that don't want to see T shirts with the Greatest American flag worn by somebody else in the 5 de mayo celebrations. I'll say pack your bags and go back to Mexico. I fly the American flag in front of my house 24 hours a day and proud to do that, inside my house you will see almost everything patriotic, the flag is in one corner of my living room, I Love U.S.A and I was born in El Salvador; my vehicle is painted like the flag. That is why when I read the news on the internet I was so mad, and I told my wife look at these jerks what they doing, and she got mad too, and she was born in Mexico City. We love The United States, and are proud to be Americans. We love you, Dr. Laura, and may God bless you always. Caesar

Posted by Staff at 11:26 PM