Keeping Your Values Strong Through The Years
June 4, 2018
Keeping Your Values Strong Through The Years

Hi Dr. Laura:

I'm 28 years old and listened to you with my mom when I was growing up.  About 15 years ago, you took a call that really made an impression on me.  A woman called because her daughter had a boyfriend who had given her an expensive piece of jewelry.  You told the mom to have the daughter give it back because it was inappropriate for her to accept such a lavish gift.  

A few years after that, MY boyfriend gave me an expensive necklace.  I was terrified that my mom would remember what you said, and I would have to return it.  Since I was only sixteen at the time, I wasn't about to remind her!  By the way, that boyfriend is now my husband!

Even though I might not have done the right thing at that time, I was thrilled to recently discover you on SiriusXM.  Thank you for being such an important influence in my life in so many ways at a time when I was most impressionable.  I learned through the experiences of others what direction to take in life, and how to avoid situations I didn't ever want to be in myself.  I'm happily married to a great guy, and we have a four-month-old son who will not ever see the inside of a daycare facility.  He will grow up having the same active conversations with me that I did with my mom, and I hope he will take those moments to heart.  


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