Children's Literal Interpretations
October 11, 2013
Children's Literal Interpretations

As you know children can be very literal in the way they interpret what you tell them. The following are a few of my children's responses:

My youngest daughter's name is Erinn. I would tell my kids I'm going to the store for errands. One afternoon her older sister asked, "Why do you always go to the store for Erinn and not me."

When driving in the car one day, I asked my daughter, "Crack the window so we can get some fresh air in." She immediately started pounding on the window trying to crack it.

But I guess the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. When I was a little girl, my mother told me to always put on clean underwear every day. One day she noticed I was looking a little big in my lower region.  Upon examination; I was wearing seven pairs of underwear; one on top of the other. She forgot to tell me to remove the pair from the previous day. I guess that's how I learned to wear my big girl panties so young in life.

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