May 13, 2010
The Real Meaning of "Choice"
IconI had an experience recently I will not soon forget.  I had a conversation with a woman with whom I've become quite friendly who told me a fascinating story.    She was adopted.  Although she is very close to and loving with her adoptive family, she was quite interested in knowing something about her birth mother and father - for medical history reasons (I never quite believe that, considering the technology available today for diagnoses) and for curiosity's sake.  She realized and accepted that there would probably be "the good, the bad, and the ugly" to learn, and she was right.She found her birth mother to be an unstable sort with a number of children from a number of men.  The turning point of her life was when she had her first conversation with her birth father on the phone.He cried with joy that she had contacted him.  He told her that her birth mother had planned to abort her but he paid money to her and paid for all the adopting costs to spare her life.  Shocked, she told her husband and children about this revelation, and they were all so grateful for one man's commitment to life."In listening to all my friends and family telling me what they would have missed had I never been, I completely changed my position of being so-called 'pro-choice," she told me.Suddenly there is clarity: a human being who impacts the world in some unique and meaningful way is obliterated before they have an opportunity to do their part to perfect the world.When it 's YOU  who could have been aborted, suddenly the issue of cavalierly terminating a human life gets put in a bigger perspective than one woman saying, "I just don't want 'it' - 'it' being a human being.The same day I had this conversation I received this email to my program: "You asked a female caller today if she was pro-abortion.  THANK YOU for using that phrase.  Who do pro-abortionists think they are that they can hijack the word 'choice?'  I LOVE choices, but I'm against abortion.  You and I both know the only valid choice other than adoption comes before conception, not after. Abortion has nothing to do with choices.  American women have all the choices in the world!: the choice to have or not have sex with a man who is not her husband, the choice to use birth control, and a million choices therein.  Why is it they claim that unless they ALSO have the choice to kill their unborn babies that they have no choice?  Huh?  American women have all the choices they need and have a right to have, regardless of whether they are also able to suck the unborn babies out of their bodies and down the drain. I take back the word 'choice.'  I won't let the pro-abortionists have that word anymore.  I'm PRO-CHOICE.  I LOVE choices.  But I'm against abortion.  And I won't let anyone rob me of the word 'choice' so that they can use it to justify killing babies." -- Shannon, St. Louis.

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