After a Day Care Worker Was Arrested
February 12, 2015
After a Day Care Worker Was Arrested

Hi, Dr. Laura, 

I responded online to this arrest that mommas need to raise their babies.  I received negative and often hostile responses.  I've tried to clarify some of the haters' wrong assumptions with this follow up post: 
"I never said a woman shouldn't work...I have my bachelor's degree and have worked my entire marriage. The military has moved my family 19 times - never to a town where we had any family or friends helping out. What I said was babies need their mommas. When we made the decision to have children we committed to being the ones to raise them. It hasn't been easy - but we do it by driving a 14-year-old car, and don't care that our current kitchen has blue linoleum counters and 1970's appliances. We did it by working opposite shifts or days and not making my career goal to reach an executive level which it should have years ago. No title is more important than 'Mom' and there is nothing you can 'provide' for a child more valuable than your time. 

So many women aren't working to put food on the table - they are working to keep up with the Jones. That was my point. If that's not you - no need to be so defensive. I stand by my opinion that babies need their mommas and wish more woman would sacrifice other things to be the ones at home with them. And if you are working to put food on the table, and have downsized out of your new iPhone, and designer purse, then maybe as women we should consider that a bird won't lay eggs if it doesn't have a safe, proper nest.  As moms, we should become a little more bird brained. I've only tried to, very civilly and politely give my opinion. It was met with some pretty rude and hostile wrong assumptions about me.  This final post will probably just get more people cussing me out - calling me un-educated. Let's put our energy towards praying for this child instead." 
I'm really proud I opened my online mouth. Even if our house will probably get egged. Good news - the military is moving us AGAIN this summer, so only have to look over my shoulder in this town for a few more months Now, I'm going to go take on the day!  

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