Getting Rid Of A Perfectly Good Husband
March 7, 2018
Getting Rid Of A Perfectly Good Husband

Dr. Laura:

I called you last month on a mission to get your agreement that my husband was terrible, and I should get out of the marriage.  We are both 40 years old, married four years, with no kids.  I was previously married in my twenties, but my husband passed away.

I called because my husband had been pulling away from me sexually and looking at porn online instead.  With your specific and direct questions, you helped me realize that his problem was physical.  The next week, my husband and I went to a urologist.  The problem was not that he was a jerk of a husband - it WAS a physical issue.  The urologist changed the meds my husband was on and set him up on a weight loss program.  He said we should notice a significant change in a few weeks, if not sooner.

We are making that lifestyle change and we couldn't be happier.  I was literally getting ready to call a divorce lawyer and leave this wonderful, sweet, caring man.  I cannot believe how callous I was about tossing him away when it all turned out to have such a simple solution.  Thank you for all the families you save!



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