The Value of a Dollar
November 5, 2018
The Value of a Dollar

The majority of Moms do NOT need to work. It depends on where their priorities are and how much they are willing to sacrifice. My sister and her husband live 45+ miles from any major town and raised 4 children. He works, she does not.

They have paid cash for every suburban with the 4wheel drive they have ever purchased. All four children went to gymnastics for several years. How did they do it? I swear my sister can make every dollar turn into a $1.25. When you go to their home you are greeted with meals cooked from scratch, drink out of 8 oz yogurt plastic containers for cups, eat off simple mismatched dishes. Ziplock bags are washed out and reused and much more of this nature. She bought clothes when needed, mended lots of clothes and did not wear the latest fashions. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. We were all raised to appreciate the value of the dollar and have 'gone green' most of our lives.

Our folks taught us the value of family. Once I asked my Mom why she didn't go to PTA meetings and volunteer. Her response paraphrased was "If I did that then I would have to get someone else to take care of you all the time - Best just to take care of my own and do these things when you are up an out." She was right… we need to take care of our own first.


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