Halloween Memories
October 30, 2012
Halloween Memories

Thought these Halloween stories from listeners were great for sharing...

Hello Dr. Laura,

I am 53 years old and remember Halloween as a simple time to enjoy oneself and one's family with a classic fall trick-or-treating.  Halloween costumes were handmade; often items were gotten from the closet. If you lacked creativity, Dad could always make you into a hobo. You see, that was your choice. This was done with kindness and immense consideration.

Right before we went trick-or-treating, Dad would burn the end of a cork and apply that to darken our faces for beards. We would sit on a stool in the garage while he did this. That by far was my favorite part of Halloween -- that dad could make you into a hobo with stuff found in the closet and the kindness of the charcoal application -- that moment of just me and Dad in the garage putting on the final touches for Halloween is by far the most memorial.

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I used to work at a university where students were given jobs in the staff offices. One year for Halloween, my husband was going to be out of town so I had no one to help hand out candy at our house while I took the kids trick-or-treating. Since my son doesn't like chocolate, I made a deal with a student worker that he could have the candy my kids didn't want if he would take them trick-or-treating. Not only did he agree to the gig, he came dressed in costume...as a nun! Almost 10 years later, our family is still in touch with the student worker whom my kids affectionately still call, "Sister Jeff!"



When my daughter was 3.5 yrs. old I created a costume for her of Raggedy Ann. We painted her face and made hair using a headband and a lot of red yarn. She looked fabulous with her blue pinafore, white tights and black patent leather shoes. I was so excited and said, "You look just like Raggedy Ann!!"  She looked me in the eye with wide-eyed wonder for a moment, and then replied "No Mommy - I am Raggedy Ann!" It cracked me up how thoroughly she got into character!

She is now a remarkable 23-year-old woman.

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