How I Met My Spouse
September 27, 2017
How I Met My Spouse

Dr. Laura, 

There was a woman who worked for me, so I knew her daughter as a teen. When she was about 19, I played on a coed softball team and invited her to play as a way to meet her. After about a year of playing on the same team, I got the courage to ask her out. I decided to wait until the last game of the season so if she turned me down it wouldn't be embarrassing. Well, my plan failed because she brought a guy with her to the game. 

About a week later, she called me to ask me out, except I was going out with one of her friends so I turned her down. Her friend bailed on me so I called her house.  Her mom was still working for me and because of that was reticent to give me the number where I could reach her.  We went out to the San Diego County fair that night and got married 1.5 years later and are still married 28 years later. 



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